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20 Oscillators in 20 Minutes


20 OSCILLATORS IN 20 MINUTES is an experimental music performance/technical challenge/standup comedy act where I attempt to build twenty sound generating square wave oscillators in twenty minutes. This involves fabricating small electronic circuits with wires, chips, small components and nine-volt batteries under the pressure of limited time and expectation. This is a test of my technical abilities and an experiment in working with live troubleshooting as a method of musical improvisation.


Presented at

32. Chaos Communication Congress / Hamburg (DE)
Frameless / München (DE)
APO33 / Nantes (FR)
Piksel Festival / Bergen (NO)
Modern Art Oxford / Oxford (UK)
New Music Festival / Vancouver (CA)
Le Labo / Toronto (CA)


– 20 Oscillators in 20 Minutes, Radically Performing Electronics / pdf / Neural Magazine / Aurelio Cianciotta
– 20 oscillators in 20 minutes is action sports, comic gold/ Create Digital Music / Peter Kirn
– 32C3: 20 Oscillators in 20 Minutes  / hack-a-day / Elliot Williams

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