Images Scanned from One of my sketchbooks, 2009 – See Article and Images Here

Darsha Hewitt too makes her process transparent, in this case by showing us her personal sketchbook, where she draws the diagrams and schematics for her devices. Her drawing style is in large part an homage to the inventor Forrest M. Mims III, who wrote many do-it-yourself electronics books and articles in the age before the internet and computer-rendered schematics. Darsha’s meticulously drawn and lettered schematics on grid paper are, to those in the know, instantly evocative of Mims’, yet manage to convey Hewitt’s obvious excitement and delight with this material. Her style is deliberately anachronistic, even the Rona Jaffe novel which donated its cover to the notebook dates from the era of Mims’ notebooks. This could well be, except for a few small clues, a document from 1978 rather than 2008.” – Rob Cruickshank